Saturn Return.


Do you believe in astrology? That your life is foretold in the skies?  My mother used to say it was an unauthorized peak into the mysteries of the universe. Quite frankly none of our business. She thought it was wrong.

Well sorry mom but recently my life has felt like it was hit by an unforgiving earthquake so merciless and brutal it has left me sitting in the midst of rumble -shattered and fragmented. Full of questions. Desperate for answers.

Astrology calls it Saturn Return.  It takes Saturn about twenty-nine and half years to orbit the sun and return to the same zodiac sign it was in when you were born. Hence the name.

“In astrological lore, Saturn is the great taskmaster of the skies. We prefer the term life coach or personal trainer actually, since Saturn is “cruel” to be kind. It breaks you down, makes you lift the heavy weights so you can build those rock-hard muscles and get into fighting shape! Wherever Saturn is in your chart will point to your toughest lessons, but the ones you might become obsessed with breaking through.

We often see people finding careers that match the zodiac sign their Saturn is in. It’s not surprising since Saturn can help us with excellence and mastery. Here is where we will toil away for hours, obsessively, to reach our grandest goals. It makes sense that Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, the high-achieving, hardest working kid in the zodiac.

During the Saturn return—which lasts 2.5 to 3 years (see the tables below)—you will come face to face with your own blocks and be forced to push through them. All the “mistakes” you made in the 28 years leading up to this seem to crystallize. Rather than repeating them on autopilot, you have a chance to turn lemons into lemonade. And if you refuse to heed those lessons, Saturn will bring a drill sergeant style smackdown. Indeed, the Saturn return starts off feeling a bit like boot camp for a lot of people. But drop and give him twenty instead of rebelling against those barking orders.  Three years later, you’ll be General Awesome or Captain Fantastic of your own kick-ass army—at the very least, you’ll be decorated with a star or two.”

In the end I don’t know if there is any one answer nor only one explanation. Life is an intricate multiple layered puzzle made more complicated by emotions. Or a maze we wonder through blind folded.

So perhaps what mummy realized is that the more we seek the answers the more they seem fleeting.

“Light seeking light doth light of light beguile?”  -William Shakespeare -Love’s Labour’s Lost.

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