He is the cutest thing when he is upset. Shoulders sagged, face dropped and even his lips are turned down. All his emotions having plummeted to the floor, collecting in a pool of tears. He is wounded. And I imagine his little heart smarting from the painful jab of Vitamin NO.

Poor little angel face. So angry with me. But there is nothing that I can do at this point but stand ground as we all must at some point or another, in a silent face-off that isn’t meant to hurt or be offensive. It simply says that I have got an ouchy on my heart and I am not ready to speak to you about it just yet. And I would rather not pretend with you. Rather not be disingenuous. Please give me time to calm down and process my emotions. Workaround seeing your viewpoint. And if that doesn’t do, let the passage of time erase the stings of your actions towards me.

I am not being childish. Simply childlike

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