Pakati Market

When it comes to shopping, there is little that I enjoy more than strolling through multiple stalls surrounded by a colour burst of beautiful art scattered about on display, ears buzzing with the typical hubbub that is so commonplace in any marketplace in Zambia. It’s the merchant’s call to customers, the excited chatter of shoppers, children- it seems there are always children scampering about in delight and a whole host of other indistinguishable sounds reverberating life!


Jewellery from Team Five Crafts


It’s an energy like no other that keeps me coming back particularly to Pakati Market every single Sunday. Doesn’t even matter what I buy anymore. Be it books or plants, sandals or chitenge. Paintings or beaded jewellery.  My joy is in the simplicity as much as the arbitrariness of this kind of shopping experience. And of course, the not so random smiling faces that have become something of a fixture in my life.

If you ever visit Lusaka on a Sunday, do stop by Pakati Market and say hello to the Team Five family.

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