Flirty Thirty !

If I could give you a visual to my 29th year of life, it would be a girl in pigtails, kicking and screaming and generally raging at the passage of time. How dare thirty come so quickly? I am not quite ready. I have a list! There is a long to-do list. I still have yet to find thee quirky bunch of friends of what should have been my early twenties spent backpacking around South East Asia- laying about gorgeous beaches, sipping on potent cocktails and generally not giving a fat rat’s ass…

Really, I am not ready. I haven’t got adulthood quite figured out okay! I don’t even have a career. I took a job out of desperation and happened to be very good at it. Do I like it? Not anymore. Corporate Sales and I have had a massive falling out and I no longer feel passionate about it. (Pout). So that’s in tatters.

My finances are… Well, according to a survey done last year by GoBankingRates, 41% of older millennials (25-34) surveyed have $0 in savings. So I won’t feel too bitter over my thin wallet and unbuilt house.

Sigh. Point is, I haven’t got any of the important boxes ticked off.

I don’t know what my purpose in life is. Not sure whether I am coming or going. I’ve not travelled nearly as much as I thought I would. Still haven’t got that undergrad degree, am nowhere near a managerial position nor have I got plans to start up my own company. Bloody hell! I still have to find the husband and pop out two fat babies before the clock runs out. Don’t forget, according to most Zambian men, I’m already past my sell-by date!

The Madalas are sweet about this. They always tell me that I glow and look ready to be fertilized. I choose to take it as a compliment.

But that was then. Right now- three days away from my birthday. My thoughts are different. Let it come, I say. I will stand tall and accept my fate as fearlessly as men face marriage. 😉

Here’s what I am learning and it is still very much an ongoing process.  Three major lessons:

  • It is okay to be exactly where you are. No two lives are the same, and yours as well as mine- is a unique tour through the universe designed especially for you. So no apologies. Live your best life. Live boldly.


  • Life is a journey and not a destination. Happiness isn’t at a fixed mark. It isn’t when you have that perfect job with the corner office, or the husband and 2.5 kids. It is in moments as simple as I’ve just had, sat alone on the back porch of Citrus Blossom (my cottage), watching the sunset, a glass of Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz in hand, listening to smooth afro jazz. Nothing at all in my mind but the beauty of the amber sky streaked with fuchsia over the horizon. No crying babies. No husband to make dinner for. I could fly off to Zanzibar tomorrow because hey- I have the flexibility. What freedom! Embrace each moment.


  • In The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Julian suggests that we not judge events as either positive or negative. “Rather experience them, celebrate them and learn from them. Every event offers you lessons. The little lessons fuel your inner and outer growth.Without them, you would be stuck on a plateau.”

Cheers to thirty !

10 thoughts on “Flirty Thirty !

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I’m hanging out to read the next article. Those wisdom pearls are exactly that.


  2. This exactly how I felt turning 30!!! Except I do have the husband and two little boys and I think my globetrotting days are over because I absolutely loathe flying.
    Great piece. You echo my thoughts, wish I could write as well as you do

    Liked by 1 person

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