Zanzibar !

Even the name itself is exotic. But be that as it may, there is nothing that could have prepared me for the experience of actually being there.

What little I have seen of it so far- Stone Town -is absolutely exquisite. Right from its people, a sun-kissed dark chocolate brown skinned people, to its architecture- the labyrinth of winding walkways that you could blissfully be lost in for hours! From its culture-the beautiful henna patterns & Sirgo scrubs -to its intricate designs on each door.

It all this and more that has a storybook quality, whisking you away to a long ago time when Sultans ruled and black people were sold as slaves.

That shatters the picture of romance a bit for you, doesn’t it?

But that’s exactly Zanzibar. A tale of beauty and fragrant spices that infuse the very air you breathe.  A unique blend of Africa, Persia and Indian influences that come together in a heady bittersweet mix that leaves one dizzy on life. You will laugh and you will cry. And hopefully, have a drink and eat delicious seafood each evening in Forodhani Park. Then go to bed, heart full of joy in a room designed with a touch of enchantment. Seriously. I am convinced that my room at the Seyyida Hotel &  Spa had magic sprinkled all over. I slept peacefully, feeling every inch a guest of the royal family that the hotel is named after.

Right, enough about that.

Let me show you the pictures.

Prawns – Night Market
Cruising along

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