Higgledy Piggledy Joy

You have enough for a soccer team my dear. I’ve just counted. This makes him laugh-my uncle. God bless him. He loves to laugh and laughs often. He tells me that laughter is medicine. Of this he is sure. And as he reclines comfortably in his seat, I can’t help but smile at his fortitude. 11 children, 8 of them under the age of 13. One with signs of intellectual disability. The youngest only 5 months old. Retiring soon. How did this happen? I don’t think that he quite knows the answer to it either.

But as I look around the round the room, there is a sense of wellbeing and I know intuitively that happiness resides in this house. It’s a vibe you feel. A kind of higgledy piggledy type of joyful hum and buzz. And perhaps it was my presence but it was awfully quiet for a house full of children, half of them still wearing diapers. But like I said. A higgledy piggery type of joyous hum and buzz. A hum buzz. A chaotic beauty that leads to accidental bliss purely because of some sort of random, couldn’t be planned quirk of life.

Can you sense my happiness as you read this? I am. 🙂 Stupidly so. I love when God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. Much the same way that he uses our brokenness to heal the wounds of others… Or our pain to break open the fountain of joy within. A vibranium of the soul that makes you unshakeable!

And I will tell you now. This is why I keep going back to Asia. Always when I am feeling shattered. It comforts me. I am soothed by the constant roar of scooters and blare of car horns. By the throngs of people in streets without footpaths nor pavement. I’m not kidding, go to Bali. The air isn’t fresh for the most part. The atmosphere is humid and constantly filled with a mixture of essence, smoke, saltiness, food and some other unidentifiable scent. I like the lack of defined meal times. The many food stalls littered about. Plastic chairs and tables only 40cm high to dine out in the open on…

I will leave you with a challenge in the form of this quote.

“Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”

― Eckhart Tolle

Photo by Peace Alberto Iteriteka from Pexels

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