The Dusty Road

-a township experience

Victoria Falls town has no shortage of charming little cafes and artsy eateries. But even so, the Dusty Road Restaurant is something of a surprise. Set in the heart of bustling Chinotimba -the largest and oldest township in Victoria Falls, the Dusty Road an altogether an ingenious representation of the township’s colloquialisms. From its quirky décor- a collection of bits and odd ends that have been repurposed and upcycled into bespoke furnishings, to its tantalizing menu of wholesome home grown food prepared the traditional way (think open fire and cast iron pots) – to dine here is to experience the richness of culture and depth of flavours that define Zimbabwe at its most basic quintessential self.

Wood oven baked maize bread. Sun dried tomatoes, wild basil and peanut dip. Sadza balls. Indlubu & Indumba bean hummus

Nkuku Makhaya – Free Range Road Runner Chicken
Beef stew

Dobi rice -peanut butter rice


Chocolate, orange and mungongo nut balls
Baobab Amasi cream and masawu
Honey and Myni berry sauce

My rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For more information...

Look up the Dusty Road on instagram, Facebook or their website:

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