Staycation at Island of Siankaba.

Do you ever get itchy feet? An intense desire to explore faraway places? I do, so very often and not always at the most convenient of times because leave days are subject to approval and well….I quite firmly believe that there is a mean spirited, thieving goblin that steals money from my purse whenever I’m not looking. Serious. No jokes!
There is hope, however, as I find that a well-planned staycation is thee perfect antidote f or persisting wanderlust. Having recently come back from a self-care getaway at Islands of Siankaba, I thought I would share my list of all the things I loved about it.

a) Getting there

Even if you lived in Livingstone, the hours’ drive out of town gives you that travelled feel of having gone miles and miles away from your laptop, dirty laundry or whatever woes you are escaping. No judgement here.

b)Treehouse fantasy-check!

The lodge is a luxurious adult playground spread across two islands that are linked by a series of elevated walkways and bouncy suspension bridges. It is whimsical and quirky yet maintains a serious level of sophistication. Which brings me to the next thing I loved about my stay.

c) The Decor

Rooms are tented chalets on stilts, nestled under a canopy of indigenous trees that guests can explore on a guided nature walk

The interior oozes old school glamour with teak floors, claw baths and golden faucets. Rooms have no Wi-Fi, though it is accessible from the main reception area and have no T.Vs either. But honestly, why would you want to keep up with the Kardashians when you could be luxuriating in the awesomeness of these rooms.

Self-care tip:  be present.

d) Serene Surroundings

View from my deck

I love nature sounds. Flowing water, the grunt of hippos, the chatter of monkeys, crickets, etcetera. In my mind, it is the sound of Mother Nature and when permitted, she will nurture and lull you into a state of complete tranquillity.

e) The Spa, Pool & cocktails

Pool side pampering, delicious cocktails, a refreshing swim. What could be better?

But if you are in the mood for adventure, there are a host of exciting activates available both at the lodge and in nearby Livingstone. These can be tailored to your requirements and scheduled accordingly

f). Sunset Photography

g). Sunrise Mokoro ride

Now even if you aren’t a morning person, the sunrise mokoro ride is a must. You will thank me later when you are sat on an island halfway between Zambia and Zimbabwe, gazing at the most spectacular sunrise.

h) Village Visit – Take a walk or bike tour of the village

There is a certain wholesomeness that comes with rural settings. A quaint charm about the simplicity by which these communities are lead (by a village headman) and organized, that turns a mere walking tour into a lesson in Ubuntu*

It is also a great way to learn of the village’s history and ask about the “witch finder” of whom it is named after.


a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.