My New Found Friend.

My friend said something funny earlier.  He said that for someone living in quarantine alone, food is an ever present friend in the refrigerator.

Silly, I know but how true for me right now. The kitchen has been such a place of comfort these past few weeks. So much so that I must now impose some time apart from my beloved in the form of intermittent fasting. A very crucial measure I promise you as I am currently in threat of losing my waistline.

But rather than sully our friendship, I now look forward to my daily 8 hr feeding window with the same level of anticipation as that of a 4 year old going out to play. Paying extra attention to plan each meal with utmost care, not only mindful of its nutritional value but also the process of its preparation. I find that I thoroughly enjoy the process of washing, cutting and chopping of ingredients. For me, there is comfort in the kneading of bread, the feel of soft flour beneath my fingers as I repeatedly squeeze, press and form the dough. A gentle rhythm of push and fold back not unlike the flow ocean I think. So similarly calming for me. I miss the ocean.

But I find myself smiling in these moments, while I select spices and mix butters. Whipping, whisking, creaming and beating. Tossing, flipping, sautéing. Food sizzling, bubbling then simmering down, giving off aromatic scents- my whole house infused of deliciousness.  Such gratification! And then of course there’s styling it, laying it out to its most advantageous angles to amply catch light as I take pictures.

Such is the special nature of my relationship with food. A friend, a model, entertainment and nourishment.

And yes, this is to say dears, that there will be more kitchen posts to follow from here on out.

With love,



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