Magwinya & Soup.

It’s interesting the things we know of our colleagues after a few years of working together. Often things that they don’t even notice of themselves. From the obvious moodiness after a spat with a significant other to little twitches and twists of the face when they are up to something mischievous – like giving a customer a not so subtle put-down. All their little habits … Continue reading Magwinya & Soup.


It starts with madness, of course, it does. A sort of fidgeting of the soul. A restlessness. You begin by plotting your own career downfall from corporate superstar on the rise to wandering hipster sleeping on a warmed wooden floor in a Jjimjilbang (Korean public bathhouse), drinking Soju and eating pig’s ears. It is completely unreasonable. Why would anyone want to leave a sometimes racist, … Continue reading Butterfly

The Playground

pexels-photo-274679 the playground

Dear Nameless,

I had started writing you an article. Actually, I have made three attempts and ended up with three unfinished articles that I really don’t like the sound of.

It’s hard for me to write anything other than what I’m feeling. Hard to induce humour and joy into a subject that has been a constant source of worry and anguish for over six months more now.

I am so very stressed and completely tired. I feel trapped in a rat race. A pointless merry go round.  So much labour expended for so little if any return. Continue reading “The Playground”