Red Shoes

You’d think to have a boy telling me they loved you and wanted to marry in the middle of a beautiful outdoor concert would me happy. I mean, it was lovely. There were fairy lights twinkling above our heads as we swayed to the music of one of my favourite bands, hands raised in the air singing tribute to Nelson Mandela as Mafikizolo sang Asibonanga. … Continue reading Red Shoes

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart – ANNA BELL

Ever been unceremoniously dumped. Like out of the blue, haven’t got a clue, didn’t see it coming type of break up? Well, that makes you, me and Abigail- who’s just been on the receiving of an “we’re not compatible’ speech, swiftly followed by a box of all her belongings delivered to her door step. Amongst her thing, she finds a bucket list her ex-boyfriend wrote … Continue reading The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart – ANNA BELL

Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged


Sofia is a thirty year old publicist in London set with the task of writing a book on dating in the twenty first century. Sound ordinary?  She is also single, Muslim and wears a hijab.  And therein lies the difference.

Unlike most chit-lit protagonists, Sofia Khan is strong, opinionated and wildly romantic without being ditzy.  She prays five times a day and wears a veil over her head as a symbol of modesty.  And like other girls… Continue reading “Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged”